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Sizzling Punters’ Challenge: FAQs

Sizzling Punters' Challenge: FAQs

We’ve put together a quick little FAQ sheet for anyone whos is interested in taking part in the Sizzling Punters Challenge brought to you by Hollywoodbets and TabGold.

How to enter:


1) Enter with either HW or TabGold Account
2) Create an alias/username
3) Click “Make Your Selections”
4) Take all your selections for the full card before the 1st race. (Full Card)
5) Selections will close 5 minutes before the first race
6) If you have a HW and TabGold account, you can enter on both accounts

The challenge only applies to Hollywoodbets Scottsville and Hollywoodbets Greyville meetings.

Hollywoodbets and Gold Circle team members are allowed to enter the competition, however all winnings are donated then to the Coastal Horse Care Unit.

How it works:

Only one selection per race. You can change selections up until closing


1) Points are awarded according to how many actual runners in a race
2) If 12 runners in race:

– 12 points for 1st
– 11 points for 2nd
– 10 points for 3rd
– Etc.
– 1 point for last place

3) BONUS points awarded if selected horse wins. Bonus points is based on Hollywoodbets starting price (SP) of horse

– If horse is 5/1, then 6 Bonus Points are awarded (5 + 1)

4) Therefore winning selection will give you 12 + 6 = 18 points


The Sizzling Punters’ Challenge website has launched! Visit to take your picks now!

The competition is free to enter for all persons who have either an active Hollywoodbets or tabGOLD account. Punters with both accounts will have 2 entries.

If you do not have an account with either you can register on the following links:



The total prize money of R100 000 shall be shared amongst punters over the month of March:

  • Daily prizes totaling R45 000 made up of 9 x R5 000 for each of the scheduled 9 
  • race-meetings at Hollywoodbets Greyville and Hollywoodbets Scottsville, with R2 000 to the winner, and prizes up to 10th place (2nd – R1 250; 3rd R750; 4th R 400 and 5th – 10th R100)
  • The grand monthly prize of R55 000 with R20 000 to the winner and prizes up to 20th place made up as 2nd R12 000; 3rd R7 000; 4th R4 000; 5th R2 000; 6th -10th R1 000 and 11th – 20th R500.

The scoring system requires that punters make one selection for every race on the day’s card.

  • Points are awarded in accordance with the horses’ finishing positions i.e. in a 10-horse field, the winner will be awarded 10 points, 2nd 9 points and so on with the last horse being awarded 1 point.  Similarly, in a 16-horse field, the winner will be awarded 16 points and the last horse one point. 
  • In addition, bonus points will also be awarded for every winner that a punter selects, these points will be based on the Hollywoodbets starting price of the winner.  For example, if the winner of a 12-horse race starts at 12.5/1 (13.5), then the punters selecting the horse will be awarded 25.5 points (being 12 plus an additional 13.5 points in this case).  
  • Should a punter’s selection be scratched, they will be given the tote favourite for the race.

The meeting’s entire selections must be made via the web portal and will be available to do until five minutes before the carded time of the first race of the meeting, where after the race meeting will be closed.

All cash prizes will be credited to either the winner’s Hollywoodbets or tabGOLD betting account. There are no conditions applicable to this payment and funds may be withdrawn or used for betting at the discretion of the player.

Hollywoodbets, Winning Form, Sporting Post and Gold Circle tipsters and team members have been invited to participate on the basis that any prizes they win will be donated to either the Coastal Horse Care unit or the National Horse Trust powered by Hollywoodbets.

The full rules for the competition, as well as Terms and Conditions can be found on the Hollywoodbets website. The first race meeting for the competition takes place on Sunday 1st March 2020 at Hollywoodbets Scottsville.

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