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LOTTO: Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers

3006 Lucky Numbers Draws - Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets offers a massive range of Lucky Numbers draws everyweek! Enjoy fixed odds betting on all of your favourite Lotto draws with SA's favourite bookmaker!

Lotto - Hollywoodbets

Over 3 000 lotto draws from around the world

With over 3 000 draws to choose from every week, Hollywoodbets offers one of the most comprehensive selections of Lucky Numbers draws in South Africa. 

Do you enjoy trying your luck on the more popular draws like the SA Daily Lotto, UK49s or the French 5/49? Maybe you prefer having a go on the more obscure draws like the Swedish Lotto 1, the Nigeria Mega Millions or Lotto India?

Fixed-odds betting

It’s important to note that when you bet on a Lucky Numbers draw with Hollywoodbets, you’re not buying a ticket to enter the official draw. You’re taking a fixed-odds bet on the result of the draw.

Think of it as a “sports bet” in which you need to select the outcome of the draw. If you win, you paid out according to the odds multiplied by your stake. 

So why do people play fixed-odds lucky numbers draws instead of just buying a ticket? Well, for one you’re in control of your potential payout. Simply pick your market, enter your stake and you’ll know immediately what you stand to win. 

Purchasing a lotto ticket means you’re buying into a pool. If you win, your payout is determined by how many other tickets are on your particular line. This can lead to payouts that equate to less than you actually paid for your ticket. 

How odds are determined

We offer multiple markets on each lotto draw. These markets and the associated odds depend on the mechanics of each draw. Let’s explore this in a bit more detail below:

  • Number of ball sets: Some draws like the Russia Gosloto 7/49  make use of a single ball set. In this particular example, seven balls are drawn from a set of 49, with no Bonus Ball drawn.

    Other draws like the French 5/49 differ slightly. Here there are two ball sets. The first is used for the main draw where five balls will be drawn from a pool of 49. The second set contains 10 balls of which one is drawn in order to determine the bonus ball.

    There are other draws that use a single pool of numbers from which to draw for the main draw as well as the bonus ball. It’s important to understand these mechanics so that you can make an informed decision when you place your bet. 
  • How many balls are drawn from a set: Another thing to remember is that the odds offered will depend on how many balls are drawn from a set along with the size of the set.

    For example, the odds for selecting one ball from the French 5/49 main set (remember, this is where five balls are drawn from a pool of 49) is 8/1. 

    Compare this to a draw like the SA Daily Lotto (where five balls are drawn from a pool of 36), the odds for offered for one ball from the main set is 11/2.

    It makes sense that the odds will be shorter for 1 Ball (Main Set) market in the SA Daily Lotto. There are fewer balls in the pool so your selection is more likely to be drawn in this game than in the French 5/49.
  • Are your selections being drawn from two sets?: The final thing to keep in mind is that some draws allow you to select several balls from the main set as well as one ball from the bonus set. An example of this is the SA Powa Numbas (Power Ball) draw. Here you can choose markets like: 5 Balls (4 Main Set & 1 Bonus) at 200000/1.

Looking for ideas on how to take your Lucky Numbers draws?

In addition to the quickpick features on our website and mobisite, there are also a few resources available here on the Hollywoodbets Blog to help you choose your numbers. 

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