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SA Lotto & SA Lotto Plus – Lucky Numbers

SA Lotto and SA Lotto Plus - Now 52 Balls - Bet Now with Hollywoodbets and Lucky Numbers

Bet on the SA Lotto, SA Lotto Plus 1, and SA Lotto Plus 2 draws with Hollywoodbets and Lucky Numbers. These draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 9pm. There are 52 balls, with 6 balls and a bonus ball drawn.

SA Lotto, Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 Draws

The South Africa Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2 draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.

The betting for this draw closes at 20h30. The draw takes place LIVE at 21h00.

The result is published at 22h00 the same night.

NOTE – the number of balls in this Lotto draw have increased from 49 balls to 52 balls! This is from the 2nd August 2017 onwards.  Please also note the introduction of the new SA Lotto Plus 2 draw. Therefore make sure when playing SA Lotto or SA Lotto Plus 1 or SA Lotto Plus 2.

The game is based on the one ball set format.

The ball set has 52 balls (1-52), of which 7 balls (6 balls and 1 bonus ball) are drawn.

Betting options for SA Lotto & SA Lotto Plus 1 & SA Lotto Plus 2 with Hollywoodbets


Main Draw Set
(1-52 including BONUS)
Odds Bet R10 & Win
57/10 R57
55/1 R550
475/1 R4,750
5,000/1 R50,000
5 Numbers 60,000/1 R600,000


Bonus Ball Betting
Bonus Ball 46/1 R460
Low (1-26)
9/10 R9
BB High (27-52) 9/10 R9
BB Odd 9/10 R9
BB Even 9/10 R9
44/10 R44


Draw – 1st 6 Numbers (NO Bonus Ball)
1 Number 68/10 R68
2 Numbers 68/1 R680
3 Numbers 700/1 R7000
4 Numbers 12,000/1 R120,000
5 Numbers 120,000/1 R1,200,000



Get the SA Lotto & SA Lotto Plus results here: SA National Lottery

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