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This week’s Lucky Numbers – 02/03/2021

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Yet another week packed with massive Lucky Numbers wins, giving us reason to celebrate as we congratulate more winners from the previous week like the R100 000/R1 win on the USA Mega Millions, R110 000/R200 win on the SA Daily Draw,  R405 000/R300 win on the SA Powa Numbas, R125 000/R5 win on the SA Powa Numbas Plus, R100 000/R10 win on the UK49’s Evening Draw and a R120 000/R20 win on the Russia Gosloto 6/45 draw. 

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This draw consists of 1 to 31 numbers in its drawing. Five numbers get drawn and no bonus ball get drawn. The draw is drawn daily and betting for it closes at 23:59. The betting is as follows:

1 Ball (Main Set): 46/10

2 Balls (Main Set): 38/1

3 Balls (Main Set): 350/1

4 Balls (Main Set): 4 400/1


This United States Draw has a number sequence running from 1 to 54 and 6 numbers get drawn onto the winning selection. The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday with betting closing at 23:59. The odds are as follows:

1 Ball (Main Set): 7/1

2 Balls (Main Set): 80/1

3 Balls (Main Set): 1 000/1

4 Balls (Main Set): 14 000/1


This draw consists of 49 numbers where 6 are drawn with a bonus number drawn in the same set of numbers. Draws take place Wednesday and Saturdays with betting closing at 21:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set & bonus): 11/2

2 numbers (main set & bonus): 52/1

3 numbers (main set & bonus): 400/1

4 numbers (main set & bonus): 4 000/1

Bonus: 45/1

Single Digit: 43/1


In this draw, one has to predict the first number drawn in the corresponding Russia Goslotto 5/36 Draw. The draw takes place after every 30 minutes, Daily. The odds are:

1 number(main set): 32/1

Best of Luck to all our Lucky Number Clients

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