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This Week’s Lucky Numbers Draws

This Week's Lucky Numbers

There has been a lot of sad news around lately due to COVID-19, but Hollywoodbets’ Lucky Numbers draws are here to brighten your day! We have had many big winners this past week, including a R100 000 online winner on the SA Lotto draw on Wednesday 11 March 2020 and a R100 000 winner on the SA Powa Plus draw on Friday 13 March 2020. Hollywoodbets is also pleased to announce the addition of 18 brand new lotto draws which will be available from next week. 

Australia Set for Life

This draw consists of 37 numbers where eight are drawn. No bonus is drawn. Draws take place every day with betting closing at 12:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set): 3/1
2 numbers (main set): 19/1
3 numbers (main set): 110/1
4 numbers (main set): 750/1
5 numbers (main set): 6 000/1

Bulgaria 6/49 

In this draw, six numbers are drawn from 49. No bonus is drawn. Draws take place Thursday and Sunday with betting closing at 15:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set): 6/1
2 numbers (main set): 60/1
3 numbers (main set): 700/1
4 numbers (main set): 10 000/1

South Korea 6/45 Draw

In this draw, six numbers are drawn from a set of 45. An extra number is drawn from the same set. Draws take place every Saturday with betting closing at 13:00. The odds are:

1 number (main set & Bonus): 5/1
2 numbers (main set & bonus): 42/1
3 numbers (main set & bonus): 350/1
4 numbers (main set & bonus): 2 500/1
Bonus: 42/1

Due to the unfortunate world situation at present, several lotto draws will be affected and will not be taking place. As soon as Hollywoodbets has any information pertaining to which draws these are we will let our clients know. So far we know that all Spanish draws have been postponed, as well as the Greek Powa Numbas Draw. Once we have more information on other draws we will share it.

As always, we wish our clients the very best of luck.

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