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This Week’s Lucky Numbers Draws

This Week's Lucky Numbers

It’s another week of Lucky Numbers and while the world and South Africa goes through an increasingly tough time, we would like to help you make things better with the chance of winning on our range of Lucky Number draws! 

Of course, several draws have been postponed, including the ever-popular UK 49s, but do not worry as we still have a MASSIVE amount of draws that can also hopefully see you win big! Some good news is that the Greece Powa Numbas are back up and running!

The list of postponed lotto draws is as follows:

Greece Lotto
Hong Kong Mark 6
Israel Double Lotto
All Italian draws except Vincicasa and MillionDay
Lebanon 6/42
Malaysia Magnum Life
Malta 5/90 and Super 5/45
Mauritius Loterie
Morocco 6/49
Peru GanaDiario
Philippines 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, 6/55 and 6/58
Romania 5/40, 6/49 and Joker Draw
St Lucia 4/22
Spain 5/54, g/49 and Daily 6/49
Catalunya 6/49
Sri Lanka Kotipathi
Trinidad Cash Pot and Lotto Plus
UK 49s Afternoon and Evening
Puerto Rico Lotto and Puerto Rico Revancha

Have a look at the following daily draws which will hopefully make you a winner in these tough times!

Barbados 7/30

This lotto is drawn FOUR times a day at 18:15, 22:30, 23:55 and 23:59. Seven numbers are selected from a set of thirty. The odds are:

1 number: 3/1
2 numbers: 16/1
3 numbers: 100/1
4 numbers: 500/1
5 numbers: 5 000/1

Brazil Quina

This draw takes place daily at 23:59 except on Sundays. Five numbers are drawn from a set of eighty. The odds are:

1 number: 13/1
2 numbers: 275/1
3 numbers: 6 500/1

Greece Extra 5

Two draws a day (Afternoon and Evening) take place at 13:00 and 17:00. Five numbers are selected from a set of 35. The odds are:

1 number: 5/1
2 numbers: 50/1
3 numbers: 500/1
4 numbers: 6 600/1

Irish Daily Millions

FOUR draws a day (Afternoon and Afternoon Plus, Evening and Evening Plus) take place at 14:30 and 21:30. Six numbers are selected from a set of 39 followed by a bonus number. The odds are:

1 number (main & bonus): 4/1
2 numbers (main & bonus): 30/1
3 numbers (main & bonus): 220/1
4 numbers (main & bonus): 2 000/1
Bonus: 33/1

With these draws, it is possible that you can be a winner every single day of the lockdown period! So get playing and hopefully, get winning!

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