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Everything that you need to know about Hollywoodbets' exciting new game, Aviator.

Winning Form Tips

Take To The Skies, Mzansi And Play Aviator

Hollywoodbets is proud to have become the first betting operator in South Africa to offer Aviator!

Simply decide on your stake and wait for the round to start. Keep an eye on the plane and the multiplier as they ascend. Make sure to cash out your bet before the plane flies away! It’s that easy! Learn more about the game below:

The Aviator game screen

How To Play Aviator game?

It’s all rather simple! The first thing that you’re you’re going to want to do is to decide on your stake. This can be entered at the bottom of the screen during that betting round. The betting round is indicated by the “waiting for next round” text that appears on screen beneath a rotating propeller. 

Once you’ve decided on your stake, wait for the plane to take off at the conclusion of the betting round. As the plane ascends, the multiplier increases. The plane will fly off of the screen at random, at which point the game round will end.

The objective is to cash out before the plane flies off. If you are able to cash out in time, you will win your stake multiplied by the number displayed on the screen when you clicked the cash out button.

Remember, though… if the plane flies off before you cash out you will lose your stake. Click here for a detailed breakdown of how to play Aviator on Hollywoodbets.

Aviator Game Features

Aviator offers a number of great features to improve your experience. 

Autoplay and auto cash out

Autoplay can be activated from the “AUTO” tab in the betting panel. Once activated, bets will be placed automatically. Keep in mind you will still need to manually cash out, though.

If you want to activate the auto cash out feature, head down to the betting panel again. Next, enter the multiplier level that you want your bets to be cashed out on. If the multiplier reaches this level, your bet will be automatically cashed out. Make sure to check out our other Hollywoodbets Aviator tips

Game Stats and Live Bets

On the left side of the game’s interface is where you’ll see the live bets panel. Here you can see all of the bets that players have made for the current round. 

The “My Bets” tab will show all of your own bets as well as their associated cash out information.

You can also access the biggest wins over the last day, month or year. This displays the stake, the amount that is won as well as the multiplier!

In-game chat

The in-game chat feature allows you to chat with other players. This can be seen in the right-hand panel. In addition to this, big wins are automatically posted here by the “Captian” bot. 

Maximum Payout

You can now win up to a maximum of R5 million with Aviator and Hollywoodbets. Remember that you can bet for as little as R1 or up to R20 000!


Some quick-fire answers to some of the most frequently asked questions around Aviator.  

Simply create a Hollywoodbets account and you can play right away with the R25 sign-up bonus we give you. If you have an account, simply click on the “Aviator” button and get cracking. Click here for a more detailed guide on how to play Aviator on Hollywoodbets

There is no surefire way to win the Aviator game, despite what some people might tell you! Click here for some tips to make your Aviator experience a more enjoyable one.

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