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Mega Ball Guide

Mega Ball Presenter

It’s easy to see why Evolution’s Mega Ball is one of the most popular live Game Show offerings available at Hollywoodbets. The game combines the mechanics of bingo with a multiplier element that can potentially boost winnings to R5 million!

Mega Ball Guide

Mega wins with Mega Ball

Presented by Evolution’s characteristically bubbly presenters, Mega Ball is delivered to players from a world-class studio setting. This bingo-style game requires players to purchase packets of cards. These cards contain 24 randomly generated numbers arranged across a 5×5 grid.

As balls are drawn from the machine, numbers on your purchased cards are marked off (more on this in a bit). Line up five numbers in a row and you’re a winner. You can have multiple rows on one card – the more rows you make, the more you win!

The Mega Ball is drawn after the initial 20 balls are drawn. This Mega Ball will have a multiplier attached to it. Any lines that are formed inclusive of the Mega Ball will have its multiplier applied to the winnings. 

How to play Mega Ball

While it may appear complicated at first, Mega Ball is quite straightforward. We’ll break down exactly how the game works below:

  1. The first thing you need to do during the betting round is to purchase your cards. Each one of these cards contains 24 numbers with a “WILD” space at the centre of the card which is automatically selected as a winning spot. You can purchase more than one card per round, with a maximum number of 200 permitted.
  2. Keep in mind that the minimum bet for Mega Ball is R1 while the maximum bet is R 1000.
  3. Next up, 20 balls are drawn from a drum containing 51. As these balls are drawn, they are marked off on your cards. If you have purchased multiple cards and can’t keep track of all of them, the game will indicate when you almost have a winning line. It will then highlight the specific numbers you need to win and the corresponding winnings available when the numbers drop.
  4. Once the 20 regular balls are drawn, either one or two Mega Balls are drawn. Before this, however, a multiplier is applied to the Mega Ball/s. The payout of each winning line you form with the Mega Ball has the associated multiplier added to your winnings If there are two Mega Balls active in the game round, only the highest number applies.
  5. Once all of the numbers have been drawn, the game round ends and all winning bets are immediately paid out before the next game begins.

Take a look at how the game round plays out below:


Payouts in Mega Ball are determined by how many lines you make on a particular card. This amount is further augmented by the presence of a Mega Ball in any winning lines which will apply a multiplier to your takings. 

Take a look at the paytable below to learn more about the minimum and maximum payouts per number of lines on a card. 

Lines Payout
6+ lines 9999/1 - 999999/1
5 Lines 999/1 - 99999/1
4 Lines 249/1 - 24999/1
3 Lines 49/1 - 4999/1
2 Lines 4/1 - 499/1
1 Line Push (returned stake) - 99/1

Final Thoughts

Mega Ball offers a thrill a minute! It contains all of the appealing elements of traditional bingo with none of the drawbacks. Games take place really quickly, taking about 65 seconds from start to finish. 

The user interface is really intuitive, cleverly delivering a lot of info to players without appearing too cluttered. The presenters add to the excitement of the game with payouts delivered instantaneously. 

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