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Three Card Poker Guide

Three Card Poker

We take a look at the Three Card Poker, a fast-paced and easy to understand Poker game available at Hollywoodbets through Evolution Games.

Three Card Poker

Our Live Three Card Poker offering forms part of Hollywoodbets’ wider Casino Games suite. This truncated version of the game and differs from Live Casino Hold’em.

Both games have their routes in traditional poker, however, the three-card variant is played with three cards whereas the Holdem version utilises a five-card hand.

How does Three Card Poker work?

Three Card Poker is a fun, simple fast-paced live poker game where your goal is to beat the dealer with a better three-card hand. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck.

Something to keep in mind: a three-card straight is allocated a higher value than a three-card flush in Three Card Poker. This is because there are fewer ways to make a three-card straight than a three-card flush in this version of the game.

Cards are ranked in descending order: Ace (high or low), King, Queen, Jack 10 all the way down to two. An ace can either be the highest value card in a Straight of Ace, King Queen or the low-value card in a Straight containing 3, 2 Ace.

If the player and dealer have the same types of hands, the one that includes the card of the highest value will be the winner. When you and the dealer tie, the next highest card that is not part of the winning hand (this is known as the “kicker”) will determine who wins.

In order to play, you must place a bet on the PLAY position on the playing area. There are two optional side bets that you can take – Pair Plus and 6 Card Bonus. We’ll take some time to expand on these further below.

The dealing starts with three cards being dealt to the player face up with three cards going to the dealer face down. You then need to decide whether you want to fold or play your hand. Playing your hand requires you to place an ANTE bet equal to your PLAY bet.

The dealer will then reveal his/her cards with the best hand winning. In order for the dealer to qualify for the round, he/she needs to have a Queen or higher in hand. In the event that the dealer does not qualify for the game round, then the PLAY bet is returned to the player and the ANTE bet is paid out at even money (1/1).

Bet Types and Bonuses

Ante Bonus

Should you be dealt a Three of a Kind, a Straight Flush or a Straight, an Ante bonus will be paid out to the player even if the dealer wins the round.

Pairs Plus Bet

This is the optional side bet that we mentioned earlier. If you decide to play this bet, you will win the bet if you have a pair or better at the fixed odds listed below. You will win this bet even if you decide to fold.

6 Card Bonus

This is the other side bet that we mentioned earlier. In this bet, yours and the dealer’s cards are put together. If they make a five-card poker hand of 3 of a kind or better, your bet will get paid out at the fixed odds listed below.

Three Card Poker winning hands

Below we’ll take a look at the winning hands in Three Card Poker ranked from strongest (Royal Flush/Mini Royal) to the weakest (High Card).

Mini Royal or Royal Flush

Simply put, this hand contains an Ace, King and a Queen of the same suit and is the best hand you can get in Three Card Poker. 

Straight Flush

This hand contains three cards that are all of the same suit and in sequence. For example: King, Queen, Jack of Diamonds

Three of a Kind

This contains three cards of the same rank. If you have three Kings in your hand, you would have a Three of a Kind. Remember that higher-ranked Three of a Kind hands will beat lower-valued Three of a Kind hands.


This is a hand that contains three cards in sequential rank in at least two different suits. Determining the winner of two Straight hands is done by looking at the highest card of each. Two Straights that contain the same “High” card are of equal value, as suits can’t be used to separate them.


This hand contains three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence. If both the dealer and the player have flushes, the high card – the highest-ranking card in each hand – will be used to determine the winner. If both hands contain the same high card, the second-highest ranking card will be used, and so on until a difference is found.


This is a hand that contains two cards of one rank as well as a third of another rank. Higher-ranking pairs defeat lower-ranking pairs. If two hands have the same Pair, each hand’s Kickers are compared to determine the winner.

High Card

A High Card hand is made up of any combination of cards that do not meet the above requirements. It basically means that no hand has been made, with the determining factor being the player’s highest card. If each player has the same High Card, the kickers are compared in order to determine the winner.

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