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Golden Race: Everything you need to know

Golden Race Guide - Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets offers four exciting Golden Race games available on online! Learn more about SPIN2WHEELS, MEGA7, KENO and SUPER7 here.

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Golden Race offers players four exciting wheel and lotto-style games with thousands of draws taking place every day across SPIN2WHEELS, MEGA7, KENO and SUPER7. 

All of these games are presented LIVE by a dealer, with live television playing in the background. Each game has a multitude of different betting categories broken up into hundreds of different markets. 

The maximum payout for these games is R50 000 for a single bet or number and R500 000 for two numbers, doubles and multipliers. Let’s briefly look at each game below:


MEGA7 is an exciting lottery-style game that allows punters to bet on the results of seven balls drawn from a drum of 49. Betting options include Numbers, Colours, Sum of Numbers, Count of Numbers and Odd/Even.

As mentioned earlier, this is a lotto-style game. There are 49 balls in a in the drum, with six being drawn before one ball from the same set is drawn as the “bonus ball”. All of the odd-numbered balls are white while the even-numbered balls are pink.


SUPER7 is another thrilling lotto-style game offered by Hollywoodbets and Golden Race. The game features a live dealer, instant payouts and a polished look and feel that rivals some of the best games offered around the world.

In SUPER7, there is a single lotto drum containing 42 balls. Seven balls are pulled from the drum in each draw. 21 of the balls are white while the other 21 are red.


KENO – as the name suggests – is a Keno-style game offered by Golden Race and Hollywoodbets. Players are able to select between one and eight numbered balls to be drawn from the drum, with payouts determined by how many of their chosen balls are drawn.

The drum contains 80 balls, numbered 1-80 with 20 of these balls randomly drawn each round. Below we’ll take a look at all of the betting options and payouts. Take a look at the playing area below. You can make up to 8 selections. Remember, that the number of selections you make will affect your potential payouts.


SPIN2WHEELS features a unique concept by Golden Race in which punters can bet on the results of the first, the second or both wheels. Betting options include Numbers, Colour, Range and Odd/Even with each of these categories several different markets.

As the name suggests, the game involves two different wheels being spun at the same time. The first contains 37 sectors divided into four colours while the second contains 19 sectors divided into three colours. 

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