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Crazy Time Guide

Crazy Time Wheel

Crazy Time is one of the most innovative wheel of fortune games on the market! Chock-full of excitement and mini-games, Crazy Time is delivered by engaging presenters and delivered to you from a world-class studio! Play Crazy Time with Hollywoodbets and could win up to R5 million!

Crazy Time Hollywoodbets

Dive into the world of Crazy Time

Unlike some of the more traditional casino games offered by Hollywoodbets like Poker, Blackjack and Roulette; Crazy Time is a beginner-friendly game that anyone can jump into and enjoy off the bat.

How to play Crazy Time

The first thing that you need to get your head around when playing Crazy Time is the wheel. It contains 54 segments made up of four numbers and four bonus segments. Take a look at the breakdown below:

Segment Number of Segments Payout
1 21 1/1
2 13 2/1
5 7 5/1
10 4 10/1
Pachinko 2 Up to R5 million
Cash Hunt 2 Up to R5 million
Coin Flip 4 Up to R5 million
Crazy Time 1 Up to R5 million

Each game round begins with the player selecting one or several of the segments of the wheel. This is done by placing chips of varying values on each on each of the segments that you’d like to back.

The presenter then spins the wheel, this will initiate a two-reel slot mini-game which is used to determine one random multiplier for a random spot on segment value on the wheel. This can be a number or a bonus mini-game.

It’s important to note that if a segment and multiplier align on the horizontal line of the top slot mini-game, the multiplier will be applied to the corresponding segment for the current game round. If the segment does not align horizontally with the multiplier, then the game will proceed without any multipliers.

Once the wheel comes to a stop, the winning segment is indicated by the flapper at the top (12 o’clock position) on the wheel. If the wheel stops at the segment or mini-game that you placed a bet on you win.

Bets placed on plain numbers will be paid out according to the table above. The wheel can also stop on one of the four available mini-games: Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko and Crazy Time. We’ll take a look at all of the Crazy Time bonus games below in more detail.

Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt hides a number of different multipliers of varying values behind 108 different symbols on a large board. These are then shuffled before players select which of the 108 targets they want to target. Your selected target will reveal a multiplier (up to 1500x) which will be applied to your initial bet.

Coin Flip

Statically speaking, this bonus game is the most commonly occurring bonus game with Coin Flip occupying four segments on the wheel. As you’d imagine, the game is based on the flip of a coin. Before the coin is flipped, the game will establish two multipliers, one for the red side of the coin and one for the blue. The coin is then flipped with the player receiving a payout based on whichever side it lands.


This is a pretty easy one to understand, but is no less exciting! With Pachinko, multipliers appear at the bottom of a Plinko board. A puck is dropped from the top of the board, if it lands in a multiplier, you win your initial stake times the winning multiplier. If it lands on DOUBLE, then all multipliers are doubles and the puck is dropped again.

Crazy Time

Crazy TIme Bonus Game

As well as being the title of the game, Crazy Time just so happens to be the name of the most exciting of the four bonus games. When this game is activated, a giant wheel with 64 segments containing massive multipliers. This wheel contains three different flappers of which the player must select one.

The wheel is then spun and comes to a stop, the segment that the player’s chosen flapper is pointing to will determine the multiplier applied to the player’s winnings. If the player’s chosen flapper stops on the DOUBLE or TRIPLE segments, all the multipliers on the wheel are doubled and tripled and the wheel is spun again.

If the wheel repeatedly stops and the DOUBLE or TRIPLE segments consecutively, and all multipliers have reached 20 000x, the DOUBLE and TRIPLE segments are also replaced by 20 000x multipliers.

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