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Lightning Dice Guide

Lightning Dice - Hollywoodbets

Lightning Dice is arguably the most popular dice game available at Hollywoodbets. It combines the simplicity of predicting the outcome of dice rolls with the razzmatazz of gameshow-style studio and massive multipliers.

Lightning Dice

Load the Lightning Tower

The premise of the game is simple and works similarly to other dice games – predict the sum of the three dice after they’ve been rolled. Of course, this means that players and bet on numbers 3 – 18.

There are also a few side bets that players can back. These include your typical hi-lo as well as any double or any triple. We’ll include a full paytable for the game below:

Outcome Payout
3 150/1
4 50/1
5 25/1
6 15/1
7 10/1
8 7/1
9 6/1
10 5/1
Cell Cell
11 5/1
12 6/1
13 7/1
14 10/1
15 15/1
16 16/1
17 50/1
18 150/1
Low (3-9) 2/1
High (12-18) 2/1
Any Double 2/1
Any Triple 25/1

There is plenty of information available on the screen when playing Lightning Dice. This includes the last 24 results as well as any multipliers that may have been applied to those outcomes.

The alternative game view – which can be activated by clicking the camera icon in the top right of the screen – will also display a percentage breakdown of the last 24 game results.

Take a look at the layout below:

This image shows the resutls of the last 24 games along with the percentage breakdown of each number as it has appeared in the last 24 draws.

How to play Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice has gained massive popularity in South Africa owing to its fast-paced nature and simple mechanics. Below we’ll break down exactly how the game works from the betting round to the point of payout.

  1. The betting round lasts around 12 seconds, with players able to bet on one or several of the available outcomes.
  2. Once your bet has been placed, the lightning will strike two, three or four of the outcomes, applying multipliers of up to 500x to these. Remember, the lightning can strike and apply these multipliers can also be applied to the hi-lo spots as well as the any double/triple spots.
  3. Once the multipliers have been applied, the presenter will pull a lever and the dice will make their way down the “Lightning Tower” before coming to a rest.
  4. The sum of the dice once they have come to a rest determines the result of the game. If the result matches any of your selections, you will be paid out accordingly.
  5. The dealer will then place the dice back at the top of the tower and a new betting round begins.
This image displays the each of the outcomes that you can bet on, along with their payouts.

Lightning Dice tips for new players

If you’re new to the game, we’d suggest watching for a few game rounds before placing a bet. Once you’ve taken some time to get to grips with the mechanics and flow of the game, you should start to formulate your own strategies.

A good way to determine the probability of the result is to look at the payouts attached to each number. In doing this, you’ll note that the most statistically likely outcomes are numbers that fall within the 8 – 13 range.

A good strategy, therefore, is to take several small bets across this range of numbers and hope that one or more of your selections is struck by lightning. Remember, however, that this is a game of chance and this tip isn’t guaranteed to work.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to see why Lightning Dice is so popular. Effervescent presenters, massive multipliers, new game rounds every 30 seconds and plenty of opportunities to win has made Lightning Dice one of the most popular gameshow offerings from Evolution.

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