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Dream Catcher Guide

Dream Catcher - Hollywoodbets

Dream Catcher is an exciting offering from Hollywoodbets which combines the wheel of fortune format with multipliers that can land players massive payouts.

Dream Catcher Guide

Take a Spin with Dream Catcher

As you can probably imagine, Dream Catcher’s wheel of fortune style mechanics are quite similar to that of Crazy Time. Unlike Crazy Time though, Dream Catcher drops most of the bells and whistles for a wheel of fortune a Game Show experience that hearkens back to the game’s format’s origins.

How to play Dream Catcher

The whole process of having a bet on Dream Catcher can be broken down as follows:

  1. The betting round starts when the countdown time appears on the screen. This gives players 10 seconds to get their bets on. Bets are placed on the betting area beneath the wheel during the betting round. 
  2. Once the betting round ends, the presenter will spin the wheel. It will make several full rotations before coming to a rest. The number at the 12 o’clock position as indicated by the clapper is the winning number. 
  3. All winning bets will be paid out immediately before a new game round starts.

Remember, to place your bets you need to select a chip amount before placing your chips on your selected outcome/s as indicated by the different coloured blocks as indicated below. 

To the right of the betting area you can see the game results for the last 21 spins. 

Dream Catcher Betting Area
The Dream Catcher betting area above on the left, with the results of the last 21 spins on teh right.

Dream Catcher’s wheel is divided into 54 segments, with 52 of these containing numbers and two of them containing multipliers. Each of these numbers appear with varying frequency with the number on the segment indicating a payout value.

The aim of the game is to select the segment of which you think the wheel will stop at. This is indicated by the clapper at the top of the wheel. The segments are broken down as follows:

Segment Win Chance
1 (Yellow) 42.59% (23 Segments)
2 (Blue) 27.77% (15 Segments)
5 (Purple) 12.96% (7 Segments)
10 (Green) 7.41% (4 Segments)
20 (Orange) 3.70% (2 Segments)
40 (Red) 1.85% (1 Segment)
2x Multiplier 1.85% (1 Segment)
7x Multiplier 1.85% (1 Segment)

You can bet on one or all six betting areas. The number on the betting area that you’ve placed your bet on will determine your payout should the wheel stop on your selection. For example, if you bet R10 on the “1” segment, you will R10.

If the wheel comes to a stop on one of the multiplier segments, all bets will remain in place and no new bets will be allowed. The presenter will then spin the wheel again, with the outcome of the resulting spin (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) determining the winning odds, but they will be multiplied either twice or seven times depending on which multiplier landed on the previous spin.

If the wheel stops on a multiplier two or more times consecutively, all bets will remain in place with the multipliers stacking. This means that the multiplied payout is multiplied again. The host will continue spinning the wheel until it comes to a stop on one of the regular numbers.

As an example, if the wheel stops on 2x, is spun again and then stops on 7x, and on the next spin lands on the number 5. The payout is calculated as 5 x 2 = 10. 10 x 7 = 70. This means that the payout for this bet will be 70/1.

Dream Catcher tips for new players

Like all of these games, it is always advisable to spend some time watching the game without having a bet. Doing so will familiarise you with all of the game’s unique mechanics and quirks.

Once you are comfortable with the way everything works, you need to decide on your strategy. You can either go low risk by covering some the smaller numbers that occur more frequently. One of the more common low-risk strategies is to bet on 1, 2 and 10. If you put R1 on 1, R2 on 2 and R6 on 10; you’ll make your initial outlay back if 1 lands and you’ll make a profit if the 2 or 10 lands.

This is obviously a strategy that you can play around with and tweak according to your own playstyle and float.

Closing Thoughts

Dream Catcher is the perfect game for those looking for a simpler, more traditional alternative to Crazy Time. The game is delivered by effervescent, young presenters who certainly add an extra dimension to the experience.

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