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Hollywoodbets Super League – Results, Fixtures & Standings

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The 2024 edition of the Hollywoodbets Super League is underway! Get all of the latest fixtures, results and news about the league right here!

Winning Form Tips

Sundowns held by TUT as UJ move within touching distance of the summit

TUT Matsatsantsa pulled off the shock of the season so far as they managed to hold Tshwane rivals, and defending Hollywoodbets Super League Champions, Mamelodi Sundowns to a 1-1 draw. The result has blown the title race wide open again with UJ’s 3-0 over Lindelani Ladies placing them just a point adrift of Banyana Ba Style. 

UWC got a much-needed 4-0 over the University of Fort Hare to keep their title aspirations alive. The side from the Western Cape are six points back from Sundowns with a game in hand. 

There was disappointment for TS Galaxy Queens as they were held 2-2 at home by Richmond United. Elsewhere, the University of Pretoria and JVW FC played out a goalless draw, Copperbelt Ladies and First Touch shared the spoils in a 1-1 stalemate, Thunderbirds suffered another heavy defeat as they went down 5-0 against Royal AM while Durban Ladies beat City Lads 1-0 in eThekwini. 


Saturday 15 June

Durban Ladies v Sundowns Ladies (13:00)

UWC v Royal AM (13:00)

University of Fort Hare v JVW (13:00)

City Lads v TUT Matsatsantsa (15:00)

UJ FC v TS Galaxy Queens (15:00)

Sunday 16 June

University of Pretoria v Thunderbirds (13:00)

Copperbelt Ladies v Richmond United (15:00)

First Touch v Lindelani Ladies (15:00)

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Sunday 9 June

TS Galaxy Queens 2-2 Richmond United

University of Pretoria 0-0 JVW

Saturday 8 June

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 1-1 Sundowns Ladies

UJ FC 3-0 Lindelani Ladies

UWC 4-0 University of Fort Hare

Copperbelt Ladies 1-1 First Touch

Thunderbirds 0-5 Royal AM

Durban Ladies 1-0 City Lads

Saturday 25 May

Royal AM 3-1 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

Sundowns Ladies 8-0 University of Pretoria

Sunday 19 May

First Touch Ladies 0-1 JVW

Saturday 18 May

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 0-2 TS Galaxy Queens

UJ FC 5-0 Thunderbirds

University of Pretoria 2-5 Royal AM

UWC 1-2 Richmond United

University of Fort Hare 1-0 City Lads

Copperbelt Ladies 0-2 Sundowns Ladies

Durban Ladies 1-0 Lindelani Ladies

Sunday 12 May

Royal AM 2-0 Copperbelt Ladies

City Lads 1-1 JVW FC

Sundowns Ladies 6-0 First Touch Ladies

Saturday 11 May

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 0-3 UJ FC

TS Galaxy Queens 0-0 University of Pretoria

Richmond United 2-1 Durban Ladies

University of Fort Hare 2-1 Lindelani Ladies

Thunderbirds 0-7 UWC 

Sunday 4 May

University of Pretoria 1-2 UJ FC

UWC 6-1 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

First Touch Ladies 1-1 Royal AM

University of Fort Hare 1-4 Richmond United

Thunderbirds 3-3 Durban Ladies 

Lindelani Ladies 1-2 City Lads

Saturday 4 May

JVW FC 1-1 Sundowns Ladies

Copperbelt Ladies 0-1 TS Galaxy Queens

Wednesday 1 May

UWC 1-0 University of Pretoria 

Copperbelt Ladies 0-1 UJ FC

First Touch 1-2 TS Galaxy Queens

University of Fort Hare 5-0 Thunderbird

Richmond United 3-0 Lindelani Ladies

Durban Ladies 1-2 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

JVW v 0-0 Royal AM

Sundowns Ladies 7-1 City Lads

Sunday 28 April 

Durban Ladies 0-5 UWC

Lindelani Ladies 1-6 TS Galaxy Queens

Saturday 27 April

Richmond United 1-2 Royal AM

Sundowns Ladies 5-1 Thunderbirds

UJ FC 2-0 University of Fort Hare

City Lads 1-0 Copperbelt Ladies

JVW 3-2 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

First Touch 0-1 University of Pretoria

Sunday 21 April

Royal AM 2-1 Lindelani Ladies

University of Pretoria 3-2 Copperbelt Ladies

Saturday 20 April

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 2-3 First Touch Ladies

Richmond United 0-5 Sundowns Ladies

UWC 4-0 City Lads

UJ FC 2-0 Durban Ladies

Thunderbirds 0-5 JVW 

TS Galaxy Queens 0-1 University of Fort Hare

Sunday 14 April


Sundowns Ladies 7-0 Lindelani Ladies

Saturday 13 April

Royal AM 1-1 University of Fort Hare

TUT Matsatsantsa 2-0 Copperbelt Ladies

University of Pretoria 3-2 City Lads

Richmond 1-1 JVW FC

Thunderbirds 0-3 First Touch Ladies

TS Galaxy Queens 1-0 Durban Ladies

Saturday 30 March

City Lads 2-3 UJ FC

Sunday 31 March

First Touch 0-2 Richmond United

Copperbelt Ladies 6-1 Thunderbirds

Sunday 24 March

Lindelani Ladies 1-4 First Touch

Sundowns Ladies 5-1 Durban Ladies

Royal AM 1-1 UWC

Thunderbirds 1-3 University of Pretoria

TS Galaxy Queens 1-4 UJ FC

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 4-1 City Lads

JVW 5-1 University of Fort Hare

Richmond United 1-1 Copperbelt Ladies

Wednesday 20 March

City Lads 0-2 TS Galaxy Queens

Thursday 21 March

UWC 1-0 Sundowns Ladies

First Touch 1-0 University of Fort Hare

TUT Matsatsantsa FC 3-0 Thunderbirds

University of Pretoria 2-1 Richmond

Durban Ladies 1-2 JVW

Copperbelt Ladies 1-2 JVW 

UJ 1-1 Royal AM

Friday 15 March


Saturday 16 March

University of Fort Hare 1-2 Copperbelt Ladies

Sundowns Ladies 2-0 UJ FC

Richmond United 3-1 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

Royal AM 1-2 TS Galaxy

Thunderbirds 1-4 City Lads

Lindelani Ladies 1-3 University of Pretoria

Sunday 17 March

Durban Ladies 2-1 First Touch 

Saturday 9 March

UWC 7-1 First Touch

University of Pretoria 2-1 University of Fort Hare

TUT Matsatsantsa 1-0 Lindelani Ladies

Thunderbirds 0-2 Richmond United

City Lads 1-1 Royal AM

TS Galaxy Queens 3-5 Sundowns Ladies

Copperbelt Ladies 4 – 1 Durban Ladies

Sunday 10 March 


Saturday 2 March

University of Fort Hare 2-1 TUT Matsatsantsa FC

Richmond United 2-2 City Lads

JVW 0-2 TS Galaxy Queens

Lindelani Ladies 3-0 Thunderbirds

Durban Ladies 2-0 University of Pretoria

Copperbelt Ladies 2-2 UWC

Sunday 3 March

Sundowns Ladies 4-0 Royal AM

First Touch Ladies 1-4 UJ FC

Hollywoodbets Super League Standings - 10 June 2024
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