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Hollywoodbets Super League – Results, Fixtures & Standings

Hollywoodbets Super League

Everything that you need to know about the Hollywoodbets Super League including tables, fixtures and results.

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Hollywoodbets Super League suspended

Following an urgent meeting held between the South African Football Association (SAFA), the league’s sponsor Hollywoodbets and our broadcast partner, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), a decision has been taken to suspend the Hollywoodbets Super League games with immediate effect.

This is coming from recommendations made by the SAFA Chief Medical Officer, Dr Thulani Ngwenya who is also our Compliance Officer.

In reaching this decision, the following issues were taken into consideration:

– The alarming daily increases in the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the country

– Players participating in this league now testing positive per reports from various teams and

– The difficulty in containing the new delta variant which is much more infectious .

The suspension of this league will assist in managing and controlling the surge of this pandemic, while preserving the lives of players, team management, match officials and other stakeholders.

“The SABC is aligned with the current government regulations and the need to take all steps necessary to restrict the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, and we need to take all steps necessary to ensure the players in the Hollywoodbets Super League and everyone involved in the broadcast thereof, remain safe during this challenging period. Because of this, we fully support the decision of SAFA to temporary suspend the league.” said Gary Rathbone, General Manager for Sport at the SABC.

Sandisiwe Bhengu, Hollywoodbets Commercial Manager also concurred; “Hollywoodbets supports putting the safety of the Hollywoodbets Super League players, coaching staff and all stakeholders first. In light of the government’s decision to shift South Africa to the adjusted level four lockdown, SAFA’s decision to suspend the league is necessary. Hollywoodbets will continue with our efforts of growing this league and uplifting the participants in the sport.”

The Hollywoodbets Super League matches will now resume on the weekend of 7 August 2021. This is to allow all those who may be infected sufficient time to quarantine, and to also afford all teams adequate time to prepare for the league’s resumption.

The South African Football Association would like to sincerely remind teams and all those involved to avoid physical gatherings and crowded spaces, and to adhere strictly to all health protocols, including social distancing, the wearing of masks, sanitising and washing of hands regularly.

Please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Hollywoodbets Super League


Catch up fixtures for this weekend:

Saturday 10 July

JVW FC vs Coal City Wizards
Ma-Indies Ladies vs UWC

Sunday 11 July

Sundowns Ladies vs UJ FC


Take a look at all of the results from the 2021 edition of the Hollywoodbets Super League. 

Durban Ladies 6-1 Bloemfontein Celtic
Coal City Wizards 0-0 First Touch FC
UWC vs Golden Ladies POSTPONED
TUT FC 2-2 Ma-Indies Ladies
Tsunami Queens vs Sundowns Ladies FC POSTPONED
Thunderbirds Ladies 3-1 Richmond United

Bloem Celtic 0-2 First Touch FC
Golden Ladies 1-5 Durban Ladies
Ma-Indies Ladies vs UWC POSTPONED
Sundowns Ladies vs UJ FC POSTPONED
Richmond United 2-2 TUT FC
Thunderbirds Ladies 4-0 Tsunami Queens
JVW FC vs Coal City Wizards POSTPONED

Golden Ladies 1-4 Bloem Celtic
TUT FC 8-0 Tsunami Queens
UJ FC 0-1 Thunderbirds Ladies
UWC 1-0 Richmond United
Coal City Wizards 0-5 Sundowns Ladies
First Touch FC 2-1 JVW FC
Durban Ladies 5-1 Ma-Indies Ladies

Tsunami Queens 0-3 UWC
Thunderbirds Ladies 0-0 Coal City Wizards
Richmond United 2-3 Durban Ladies FC
Ma-Indies Ladies 4-0 Golden Ladies
Bloem Celtic 2-1 JVW FC
Sundowns Ladies v First Touch FC – POSTPONED

First Touch FC 1-1 Thunderbirds Ladies
Coal City Wizards 0-3 TUT FC
Golden Ladies 0-1 Richmond United
JVW FC 2-2 Sundowns Ladies
Ma-Indies Ladies 2-3 Bloem Celtic
Durban Ladies 2-3 Tsunami Queens

Bloem Celtic 0-2 Sundowns Ladies
Richmond United 0-3 Ma-Indies Ladies
Thunderbirds Ladies 0-1 JVW FC
TUT FC 3-0 First Touch FC
UJ FC 3-1 Durban Ladies
UWC 4-0 Coal City Wizards
Tsunami Queens 0-3 Goldebn Ladies

Durban Ladies 1-2 Coal City Wizards
Richmond United 2-3 Bloem Celtic
Sundowns Ladies 4-0 Thunderbirds Ladies
Ma-Indies Ladies 5-1 Tsunami Queens
Golden Ladies 1-0 UJ FC
First Touch FC 1-1 UWC

Durban Ladies 0-4 First Touch FC
Bloem Celtic 3-1 Thunderbirds Ladies
Tsunami Queens 1-1 Richmond United
UJ FC 1-1 Ma-Indies Ladies
Coal City Wizards 5-0 Golden Ladies
TUT FC 1-4 Sundowns Ladies

Tsunami Queens 1-3 Bloem Celtic
Thunderbirds Ladies 0-1 TUT FC
Richmond United 4-1 UJ FC
Ma-Indies Ladies 0-0 Coal City Wizards
Golden Ladies 0-2 First Touch FC
Sundowns Ladies 1-0 UWC

Bloem Celtic 0-1 TUT FC
UJ FC 3-2 Tsunami Queens
UWC 1-0 Thunderbirds
Coal City Wizards 2-3 Richmond United
Durban Ladies 1-3 Sundowns Ladies
First Touch FC 2-1 Ma-Indies Ladies
Golden Ladies 1-2 JVW FC

Thunderbirds Ladies 2-0 Durban Ladies
UJ FC 1-1 Bloem Celtic
Tsunami Queens 4-1 Coal City Wizards
Richmond United 3-6- First Touch FC
Sundowns Ladies 4-0 Golden Ladies
Ma-Indies Ladies 1-5 JVW FC

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