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JetX Game Guide

Hollywoodbets is proud to introduce JetX, the latest offering from SmartSoft Gaming, the company responsible for bringing you such popular games as Aviator.

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How to play JetX

Just place a bet before the jet takes off! You can either place a single bet or two bets on the same JetX flight.

The minimum stake is R1, and the maximum is R20 000. To adjust your stake, use the “+/-“ buttons alongside each of the bet options located at the bottom of your screen.

Once the jet takes off, the yellow “place your bet” buttoms will turn green. Use these “collect” buttons to collect your winnings. The aim of the game is to cash out your bet before the jet explodes. The higher the jet flies, the higher your potential payment. Remember through that it can explode at any time. The jet’s flight height is not determined and can vary from 1 to the maximum win cap.

Use “autoplay” to automatically place the same bet value for each new round. You can do this on one or both bet selections. The minimum multiplier for auto-collect is 1.35%.

On the left side of the game panel, coefficient stats and game history are available. Values are presented in green and red: the red colour indicates the coefficients that are less than 1.5 and green more than 1.5.

How to get JetX winnings

Use the collect button before the explosion (the profit is instantly reflected on the balance). If the explosion occurs, the stake is considered lost. 

How are your winnings calculated?

Your potential profit is calculated by multiplying your stake by the multiplier of the current flight.

Minimum multiplier (coefficient) is 1.00x. Max win per bet is R2 000 000

When the maximum win cap is reached, the win amount is auto collected for you. The speed or skill of the players doesn’t influence your own chances of winning or define the outcome of the game in any way.

What happens if I lose my connection?

If you are disconnected from the game and your bet is still active:

  • Your bet will continue to play until the round is over. You can manually collect the win if returning before the round end. Otherwise, your bet will continue to play until it loses or reaches the maximum winning cap.
  • If “auto-cashout” is enabled, the win will automatically be collected if the jet reaches the pre-set multiplier. Your winnings will then be credited to your account.

In-game chat

JetX boasts an interactive chat facility that allows you to interact with other players. Remember not fall prey to scammers who sometimes use this chat facility. Never join any WhatsApp groups or give your personal details to anyone on this forum.

Our Team here at Hollywoodbets will also NEVER reach out to you using this chat.

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