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Lotto Guide: SA Lotto Draw

SA Lotto

The South African Lotto Draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and consists of three draws: the SA Lotto, Lotto Plus 1 and Lotto Plus 2.

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SA Lotto 6/52

  • The SA Lotto, as well as the SA Lotto Plus 1 and SA Lotto Plus 2 (for simplicity’s sake, we’ll refer to all three of these draws as the SA Lotto going forward), takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. 
  • All of the draws follow the same format: six balls are drawn from a set of 52. The Bonus Ball is then drawn from all of the balls remaining in the set. 
  • Betting for this draw closes at 20:30 with the draw taking place at around 20:57, televised live with the winning numbers revealed on SABC 2.
  • To bet on any of these three draws, navigate to Lucky Numbers ➡️ South Africa ➡️ SA Lotto Draw/SA Lotto Draw Plus 1/SA Lotto Draw Plus 2.

Betting Options – Your Chance To Win!

Take a look at the table below to see all of the betting options available when you bet on the three SA Lotto Draws with Hollywoodbets. 

Bet Option Odds Bet R10 & Win
Main Set & Bonus
1 Ball (Main Set & Bonus) 57/10 R570
1 Ball (Bonus) 46/1 R460
2 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 55/1 R550
3 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 475/1 R4 750
4 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 5 000/1 R50 000
5 Balls (Main Set & Bonus) 60 000/1 R600 000
Bonus Ball
Bonus Ball Odd 9/10 R9
Bonus Ball Even 9/10 R9
Bonus Ball High 9/10 R9
Bonus Ball Low 9/10 R9
Bonus Ball Single 44/10 R44

How To Play The SA Lotto

The SA Lotto is a 6/52 game. After the initial six balls are drawn from the set of 52, a seventh ball (Bonus Ball) is then drawn from the 46 balls still in the drum. 

In this draw, you can select one ball and bet on that specific number to be drawn, you can also select several numbers to be drawn. 

Remember, if you pick one number, that specific number needs to be drawn in order for your bet to win. If you select four numbers, all four of your chosen numbers must be drawn in order for you to win. 

Take a look at some of the examples below:

1 Ball (Bonus)

Choose a number between 1-52. If your chosen number is drawn as the Bonus Ball, you are a winner! You will win 5.7 x your stake back. 

  • Playing R10 will win your R57 PLUS you get back the R10 you played.

Total amount won = R67

3 Balls (Main Set & Bonus)

Choose three numbers between 1-52. If your chosen numbers are drawn across the Main set AS WELL AS Bonus Ball, you are a winner! You will win 475 x your stake back. 

  • Playing R10 will win your R4 750 PLUS you get back the R10 you played.

Total amount won = R4 760

Bonus Ball Odd

This is a pretty simple bet type. Simply select the market and wait for the draw to take place. If the bonus ball is an ODD number, you’re a winner!

  • Playing R10 will win your R9 PLUS you get back the R10 you played.

Total amount won = R19

How To Find SA Lotto Results:

Results are usually published 30 minutes after the draw and below are the recommended websites for your SA lotto results. 

Looking For More?

The good news about playing Lucky Numbers with Hollywoodbets is that our payouts are not pool-based. Usually, in pool-based payouts, the more people that correctly predict the same numbers in a lottery, the less money each player wins. But with fixed odds, the payouts are the same no matter how many winners there are.

For example, when betting on fixed odds lotto, let’s say you bet three numbers on SA Powa Numbas. If you stake R10, you are guaranteed a payout of R13 500 if all of your numbers are drawn. 

Remember you can play Lucky Numbers online from the comfort of your home using your computer or even on your cellphone. 

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