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Live Blackjack Games

Live Blackjack Games

There is simply no substitute live dealer black. Hollywoodbets’ extensive selection of live blackjack games offer an authentic experience, akin to what you’d find in a brick-and-mortar institution. With over 50 tables to choose from across two providers, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste as well as your budget!

Live Blackjack Games

Hollywoodbets Blackjack at a glance

1 Max Payout 💰 - R500 000
2 Total tables 👩‍💻 - 100+
3 Minimum Bet 🤏 - R5
4 Maximum Bet 💵 - R100 000

Live Blackjack Games – an overview

It may appear complicated at first for new players, Blackjack is actually quite an easy game to get your head around. It’s certainly much easier for beginners thank poker for example!

What players are essentially trying to do is beat the dealer’s hand with a hand valued as close to or equalling 21. Remember, you don’t actually need 21 to beat the dealer – we’ll touch on this in a bit more detail later.

The game itself is fairly fast-paced with plenty of action. The pace can depend on the table you’re playing at; for example, the Speed Blackjack game variants tend to player far quicker than the other variations.

Live Blackjack can be played with anything between one deck of 52 playing cards right the way up to eight decks. When it comes to games that employ multiple decks, the cards can be shuffled by hand or by a machine. Shuffled decks are housed in a transparent dealing shoe from which the dealer draws.

Generally speaking, the cards are reshuffled when around half of the cards within the dealing shoe have been dealt.

Live Blackjack – card values

There aren’t too many things to remember when it comes to card values. The only quirk you have to keep an eye put for occurs when an Ace is in play. Take a look at the card values below:

  • Ace – treated as either 1 or 11, whichever is most beneficial to the player to whom it is dealt
  • 2 – 10 – these play at their face value
  • K-Q-J – Kings, Queens and Jacks play as 10

How to play

When the game starts, the dealer will deal one face-up card to each player (starting from the dealer’s left) and repeats the process until every player at the table has been dealt two cards.

The dealer’s first card is dealt face up and his/her second card is dealt face down. It’s important to note that this second face-down card will only be revealed once all of the other players at the table have completed their hands. Remember, if you or any of the other players’ cards total more than 21, you have “busted” and lose your initial stake.

Each player then makes a decision as to how they want to play. This decision will be based on the player’s current hand as well as what the dealer’s face up card is. The options are as follows:

  • Stand – you can opt not to take any additional cards, standing on what you has.
  • Hit – here you can opt to take another card from the dealer. You can keep hitting until deciding to stand or until your hand’s total value exceeds 21.
  • Double – you can opt to double your initial bet and take one more card. You are obliged to stand after this card has been taken, irrespective of the value of your hand.
  • Split – this is one of the more interesting options available. If you’re dealt two cards of the same value, you can opt to split them into two separate hand.

The game continues until all of the players have either busted or opted to stand.

It’s then the turn of the dealer to play. You need to take into account a few important rules that the dealer has to abide by.

If the dealer’s hand is equal to 17 more, he/she must stand.

The dealer must take a card if his/her hand is equal to 16 or less.

If the dealer’s hand is equal to 17 or more, he/she will stand and pay all of the players who have beaten the value of his/her hand at even money or 1/1. In the even that your and dealer’s hands are of equal value, your stake will be returned to you in what is known as a push.

If the dealer busts, all players still in the game are paid out at even money. If the player’s hand is beaten by the dealer, then the player loses his stake.

Blackjack occurs when either the player or dealer is dealt an Ace and 10. There is no way that this hand can be beaten. If both the dealer and player have blackjack, a push occurs.

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