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SOCCER BETTING TIPS: Understanding how the draw no bet market works!


Curious about the Draw No Bet soccer market? Explore how this popular betting option works so you can use it in your future bets!

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What does draw no bet mean?

If you’ve looked at football fixtures on the Hollywoodbets website, you’ve probably come across the term “draw no bet.” But what does it mean? How does it work? Don’t worry, we have all the answers to your questions!

Draw no bet (DNB) means that if you bet on a team to win a game and the game ends in a draw, you get your stake back. It’s like an insurance policy for your bet in the event that it doesn’t quite work out. However, if you bet on a team using the draw no bet and they end up losing the game, the bet will lose.

How does draw no bet work?

As explained above, the draw no bet meaning is simple – it’s a soccer betting market that removes the possibility of your wager losing as a result of a draw. Let’s have a look at the draw no bet example below:

If Liverpool is playing against Manchester City, you can choose to place a bet on Liverpool with “draw no bet” (DNB). If Liverpool wins the match, your bet will win and you’ll be paid out at the specified odds at the time the bet was taken.

However, if the match ends in a draw, you will get your stake back – the bet is effectively cancelled. If Manchester City wins the match you lose the bet, along with your stake.

When you choose the DNB option, you can only bet on either Liverpool winning or Man City winning. There is no option to bet on the draw because this possibility is not considered, so you have only two choices.

How does draw no bet work in a multiple bet?

When you bet on a team using the draw no bet market, there are three possible outcomes. If your team wins, your bet is considered a winner. If your team loses, your bet is considered a loser. However, if the match ends in a draw, your bet is essentially cancelled, and it’s as if the bet never existed. If you placed a single bet, you get your money back.

The same rules apply in multiple bet, where if any individual leg of the bet ends in a draw, it is cancelled and doesn’t affect the overall bet. Essentially, cancelled legs in an accumulator are neither counted as losses nor do they contribute to the overall winnings – the leg is simply removed from the multiple. 

Let’s use a simple draw no bet example to explain this. Imagine that you’ve taken a five-leg multiple, with all five of these legs making use of the DNB market.

At the end of the matches, four of their bets win, but the fifth one ends in a draw. In this case, the draw doesn’t count, and you still win the bet as a four-fold multiple.

Now, let’s say two of the matches end in a draw and the other three are winners. The accumulator is still a winner, but you will onle be paid out on the three legs that won. You will receive a lower payout because fewer bets were successful.

However, if one of the matches ends with the team they backed losing, then the entire accumulator is a loser. It doesn’t matter if there were any matches that ended in a draw and were not counted.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This bet doesn’t include extra time. It only works with the results obtained from the 90 minutes of playtime as well as the referee’s optional time at the end of the 90.

No, the double chance is a totally different bet. It also offers a bit of security, however, by allowing you to select two of the possible three-way results. There are three options here:


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