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How to Take Your First eSports Bet with Hollywoodbets

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eSports has very quickly become a global phenomenon, quickly catching up to traditional sports in terms of popularity and viewership around the world. Of course, where there is top quality competitive action, there is always an opportunity to have a bet!

So let’s take a look at how you can take your first eSports bet.

Remember too that you can watch all of your favourite eSports events on

First things first, the betting industry is highly regulated and for good reason too! You will need to be ready to do the following:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Open a Hollywoodbets account (more on that later)
  • Once you’re ready to withdraw funds from your account, you will need to submit your FICA documents (this works almost exactly the same as RICA submission when purchasing a new cellphone – we’ll touch on this later)
  • Opening a Hollywoodbets Account

The first thing you’re going to need to do is open a Hollywoodbets account. To do that, simply click here and fill in the registration form.

Once your account is successfully created, you’ll find that you have R25 to play with (this R25 needs to be used within 24 hours of your account being opened)

Taking your first eSports Bet

You needn’t be too intimidated before taking your first bet. While all of the odds might seem intimidating at first, they’re quite easy to decipher. You can take a look at a detailed explanation on betting odds by clicking here.

Step 1

Once you’re logged in on your cellphone, you’ll see the below screen. The first thing you’ll do is click on the “All Betting” button. Also, take note of the R25 that’s in your account after registering. This is displayed at the top of your screen under “Balance”.

Step2B12B 2BAll2BBetting

Step 2

Next up you’ll see a list of all the sport available with Hollywoodbets. Run through the list until you see eSports, then click on the button as highlighted below.

Step2B22B 2BSelect2BeSports

Step 3

All of the eSports events are listed un International, so you can go ahead and click on that button.

Step2B32B 2BSelect2BInternational

Step 4

Next up you’ll select your event. We’ve decided to have a CS:GO bet on ESEA MDL (Mountain Dew League) – let’s go ahead and click on that button as illustrated below.

Step2B42B 2BSelect2BTournament

Step 5

Here you’ll see all of the available match-ups available for this tournament. We’ve opted to have a bet on the Movistar Riders vs pro100 match. You can see below that we’ve tapped on the “Movistar Riders” button. This adds the bet to your bet slip as illustrated at the bottom of the screen. You’ll now go ahead and click on the “Bet Slip” button.

Step2B52B 2BSelect2BTeam

Step 6

Lastly, you’ll want to decide how much you’d like to bet. We’ve gone ahead and staked our whole R25 on Movistar Riders. Notice that the potential payout is displayed in purple beneath the denominations. This indicates how much you stand to win on this bet. Remember, you’ll get your stake back too if your bet wins!

Step2B62B 2BEnter2BStake

Happy Days!

You’ve just taken your first eSports bet!
Step2B72B 2BDone

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