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Big win! Lucky Numbers Millionaire magic!

2020.08.22 HWBLOG POSTIMG LN Big wins R1 Million

After playing just R100 on UK49’s Afternoon draw, a punter from Port Elizabeth bagged himself a massive R1 Million win!
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A 44-year-old business owner from Port Elizabeth has become a millionaire overnight! He placed a R100 bet on the Lucky Numbers UK 49’s Afternoon draw using the Hollywoodbets mobisite and won a mega R1 Million! When he found out that he had won, the punter was very surprised and the first thing he did was call his three children to tell them how blessed they are. He then went on to ask them where they wanted to go to school because these winnings will allow them to study wherever they want to! The punter was incredibly emotional, expressing that his spirit guided him on which numbers to pick when placing his bet. He also plans to invest part of the winnings into his businesses in order to build a better life for his children. Having won more than 10 times, the winner expressed his gratitude to Hollywoodbets saying that the company is fantastic and he has always been able to cash out his winnings with ease and efficiency.

Bet Selection -> 4 Balls (Main Set) 8,13,27,16

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