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This Week’s Featured Lucky Number Draws

This Week's Lucky Numbers

After a week which saw one lucky KZN client walk away with R465 000 on Sunday’s UK 49’s Afternoon draw, we hope to help our clients continue on their merry way by making even more winners this week! Have a look at the following three draws to see if you can make yourself our latest big winner! 

Turkey 5/34 Draw 
The draws consist of numbers 34 numbers where five numbers are drawn. A bonus number is also drawn from a different set of 14. The draw’s betting closes at 19:00. The odds are:

1 Ball (Main Set): 5/1
2 Balls (Main Set): 48/1
2 Balls (1 Main Set & Bonus): 80/1
3 Balls (Main Set): 500/1
3 Balls (2 Main Set & Bonus): 640/1
4 Balls (Main Set): 6500/1
4 Balls (Main Set & Bonus): 6000/1
Bonus: 23/2

Kenya 6/49 Draw
In this draw, six numbers are drawn from a set of 49. No bonus is drawn. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday with betting closing at 19:00. The odds are:

1 Ball (Main Set): 6/1
2 Balls (Main Set): 60/1
3 Balls (Main Set): 700/1
4 Balls (Main Set): 10 000/1

Scottish Children Lottery
This draw consists of 49 numbers of which five are drawn. The bonus is then drawn from the same set. This draw takes place every Monday and Thursday with betting closing at 20:00. The odds are:

1 Ball (Main Set & Bonus): 6/1
2 Balls (Main Set & Bonus): 65/1
3 Balls (Main Set & Bonus): 700/1
4 Balls (Main Set & Bonus): 10 000/1
Bonus: 44/1

Hollywoodbets is excited to announce that our popular Russia Sportlotto draw now takes place three times a day! The first draw closes at 11:50, the second draw closes at 14:50 and the last draw closes at 18:20.

As always we wish our clients the very best of luck!

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