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Opinion: Why Voiding the Current Soccer Season Makes Sense?

Why Voiding the Current Soccer Season Makes Sense?

The English Premier League has been suspended till at least 3 April and I think scrapping the current campaign is the best option.

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It is important to state that I think this should apply to every single affected country but for illustration purposes, it’s easier to use the most popular league in the world.

The biggest talking point has been around Liverpool being on the verge of clinching their first league title in 30 years, needing to win two of their remaining nine games but this has nothing to do with sentiments. The Merseyside-based outfit might feel hard done by pity but we should understand that human life comes first.

Let’s not fool ourselves, the Coronavirus pandemic will still be prevalent after the 3rd of next month which is in two weeks’ time and the reason to not cancel the league immediately was to follow protocol. When that time arrives will they postpone till May/June? Mind you there’s still the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup games that are upcoming. It’s humanly impossible to play 10 to 15 games in 30 days.

We also can’t postpone the season to August or September when the new season has to start. Liverpool fans must also remember that as much as they were almost guaranteed to win the league at the time of postponement this is not about just one part of the table. What about the teams which are fighting to finish in the top four and qualify for Champions league participation? What about the teams down at the bottom fighting to survive relegation? It’s tight down at the bottom and one game week can change the complexion of the season hence any suggestion to finish the season and the log table as it is would be a great injustice to the bottom three who are still alive.

We also have teams from lower divisions who are fighting to get into the promoted to the higher divisions and continuing the current season would result in a huge mess and fixture congestion next season. I hope the powers that be make the right season and discontinue the current season when they meet on Thursday. That way we can be ready to start from scratch when this pandemic dies down.

We have had so many events including annual government commemorations of important holidays. They were called off and not suspended or postponed. Why can’t the beautiful game follow suit? It’s the right thing to do. Void the soccer season.

Written by Benedict Ngwenya for Hollywoodbets 

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