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SA Daily Lotto

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The SA Daily Lotto is one of the newer draws in our Lucky Numbers offering. The draw follows the 5/36 format, meaning five balls will be drawn from a pool of 36. Learn more about the betting markets below:

How to play

Find the SA Daily lotto under Lucky Numbers. Pick South Africa and select the SA Daily Lotto.
To play the SA Daily Lotto you need to choose whether you’d like to bet on 1, 2, 3 or 4 balls being dropped (more on the odds later).

Choose the numbers you want to bet on, each between 1 and 36. If you’d prefer, you can opt for a quick pick.

You win if all of the balls you selected are dropped when the draw is done.


1 Ball (Main set) 11/2
R10 staked on this could net you R55

2 Ball (Mail set) 55/1
R10 staked on this could net you R550

3 Ball (Main set) 550/1
R10 staked on this could net you R5 500

4 Ball (Main set) 7500/1
R10 staked on this could net you R75 000

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