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Super Rugby Money Back FAQs

My bet on the double result lost but I did not receive a refund?
Bets must be live going into the last 5 minutes of play in order to get a refund. This means you must have successfully predicted the half time result and your team must have been leading going into the last 5 minutes of play. So if your bet was already losing at half time then you will not get a refund.

Refunds are also limited to straight bets; if a bet includes other legs then it will automatically be disqualified from getting a refund.

How do I claim my refund?
Losing bets that are eligible for a refund will automatically be refunded to your account.

For which games does the promotion run for?
The promotion runs for the Super Rugby semi-final and final matches in 2015.

I lost R2000 but only received a R1000 refund?
Refunds are limited to R1000 per customer.

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