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Super Rugby Free Bet FAQs

When can I claim my free bet?
You can claim your free bet as soon as betting for the Super Rugby final opens on Wednesday 1 July 2015.

How can claim my free bet?
To claim your free bet you must call the Hollywood Call Centre toll free on 08000 76222, quote that you want to claim your Super Rugby free bet and then your chosen bet on the final will be laid for you.

Can I use my free bet on other sports bets?
No, the free bet can only be used on the Super Rugby final 2015.

What bet type can I use my free bet on?
Any straight bet on the final is allowed so long as the odds are no less than 5/10.

I forgot to claim my free bet before the final kicked off; can I still use it on another game?
No, the free bet is only eligible for the Super Rugby final 2015. If you do not claim your free bet in time then it will be considered void.

I took multiple bets on the semi-finals which all meet the qualifying criteria, why do I only get one free bet?
Only one free bet can be claimed on the final. If you took multiple doubles on the semi-finals, then only the bet with the highest stake will be used for the free bet.

My qualifying double won, do I still get a free bet on the final?
Yes, Hollywood gives you a free bet on the final whether your qualifying bet wins or losses.

When does the promotion end?
The promotion will end when the first Super Rugby semi-final kicks off on Saturday 27 June 2015 at 09:35. The promotion requires that you must take a double with both semi-finals, so as soon as the first game starts then the promotion ends. However, the free bet can be claimed the following week.

My free bet won but I did not receive my stake back?
You only get your winnings back from the free bet and not the stake. So for example, if you took full advantage of the promotion and spent R1000 on the semi-final double, then you will receive a free bet on the final to the value of R1000. If you then chose a bet on the final at 1/1 which wins, you will receive the R1000 winnings but not the stake. However if you lose, then you lose nothing!

I took a double with the 5-way winning margin for Super Rugby semi-finals but I was not allowed to claim my free bet for the final?
Only bets taken on either the match winner or handicap markets apply. Any bets taken on other bet types will not be eligible for a free bet. Also the qualifying bet must only be taken with the Super Rugby semi-final matches; any other legs in the bet will automatically disqualify you from claiming a free bet.

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