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FICA – Self-Service Website – Upload Yourself

Submitting FICA documents is easier than ever with Hollywoodbets new FICA Self-Service Website

Hollywoodbets has now introduced a FICA Self-Service website, where you can upload your documents directly to your Hollywoodbets account – erasing the need to WhatsApp, email or hand deliver it to the branch! Just visit the FICA Self-Service website and follow the steps below! Within 30 minutes of receiving your documents, we will activate your account! Call our Helpline on 087 353 7634 for more information or email us now.

What do you need to FICA?
FICA is a copy of your identity document (ID, Passport, Drivers Licence) as well as a copy of your Proof of Address/Residence. The proof of address can be a utility bill that clearly shows your address and full name, and must not be older than three months. For more information on which documents are acceptable click here now to watch a helpful video!
Why do I have to FICA?
FICA is required by law for all account holders as requested by the South African government and the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001 (FICA).
The new Hollywoodbets FICA Self-Service website - where you can upload your documents directly to your Hollywoodbets account
Step 1:
Visit on either your cellphone, tablet or desktop computer. Enter either your ID number or Hollywoodbets account number into the field on screen.  Then click the button labelled “Upload Proof of ID/Passport/Drivers Licence.”
Enter your ID number or Account number into the field. Then click Upload Proof of ID.
Step 2:
Click the “Choose Files” button to upload your identity document.
Click the Choose Files button to find your FICA documents on your computer or cell phone
Step 3:
You can also take a photo of your ID document by using your phone’s camera option and upload it directly. Or if you have a PDF file or JPG stored on your device, you can search for it on your phone  and upload it. 
You can either find the files already stored on your computer, or you can take a picture using your camera phone of your documents
Step 4:
Once you have selected your file, click the blue “Upload File” button. This will begin uploading your document to the website.
Click upload file and the FICA document will be uploaded to the Hollywoodbets FICA website
Step 5:
If the file successfully loads, you will see a green box with a tick saying that your document has uploaded. If you have more than one ID document you wish to upload, you may upload more.  Click the red “Back” button and follow the same steps with your proof of address.
You will receive a green confirmation message that your FICA document has uploaded. Once done, click Back.
Step 6:
Once you have successfully loaded both documents, you will see that the upload buttons have turned green. Finish the process by clicking the blue “Submit Documents to FICA” button. 
Once you have uploaded both documents, click the blue Submit Documents to FICA button
Step 7:
You will now reach a confirmation page to make sure that all is in order. Tick the box where you acknowledge that the documents you have uploaded are true copies of the original. Then click the blue “FICA My Account” button.
Confirm your documents are true by ticking the declaration box, and then click FICA My Account

Step 8:
You will now receive a green confirmation message stating that your documents have been submitted to the Hollywoodbets FICA team. Please note that it can take up to 30 minutes for the FICA documents to be processed. You will receive an SMS once your application has been approved.
You will receive a confirmation message once documents have been uploaded. Wait for a SMS confirmation from Hollywoodbets
Should you experience problems during the FICA process, please contact us on our Hollywoodbets Helpline on 087 353 7634 or email us at [email protected].

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