Your Lucky Stars - Week 39

Week 31

Get your Lucky Stars for the upcoming week, and see what the next 7 days have lined up for your Star Sign / Horoscope.

WEEK 39: 24 September - 30 September 2018

AQUARIUS: 20 January to 18 February

From now up until the end of the year is going to be brilliant for you. In terms of your upcoming business venture, you need to try and wrap up all unfinished bits by the end of this month.
Lucky Numbers: 2,18,24,40,43,48

PISCES: 19 February to 20 March
You are so wrapped up in your work that you have not spent much time dealing with your health issues. You are going to eventually burn out. It is imperative that you make some changes and start leading a more holistic life.
Lucky Numbers: 4,19,22,32,34,45

ARIES: 21 March to 19 April
Ensure that your team is on board and you all are working towards the same goal. You are in an aggressive and cut-throat industry and everybody is fighting to make money. You have to stay focused.
Lucky Numbers:  8,26,32,35,38,47

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TAURUS: 20 April to 20 May
Do not be impulsive and make decisions taken on gut feelings. This could end up costing you a lot of time and money. Take your time, weigh out the pros and cons and then make a decision.
Lucky Numbers: 13,21,28,40,42,48

GEMINI: 21 May to 20 June
You and your spouse has spent many hours making a success of your financial life. As a result, your personal lives have been put on hold. Think about where you see you and your family in the years to come.
Lucky Numbers: 7,8,12,17,21,34

CANCER: 21 June - 22 July
This could be a turbulent week for you. It is imperative that you are in the correct frame of mind. Remain calm and concentrate - ensure that you are not bullied into doing anything that you are not 100% certain off.
Lucky Numbers: 7,16,21,33,34,39

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LEO: 23 July to 22 August
Family feuds are likely to occur during this week. This will be most upsetting, especially with the elder folk. Thankfully, with your natural diplomatic approach, you will be able to restore harmony and peace.
Lucky Numbers: 2,11,12,13,32,43

VIRGO: 23 August to 22 September
You need to face up to the fact that you cannot run away from your problems. You need to tackle the issues that are haunting you. You will come across resistance from family.
Lucky Numbers: 2,4,7,14,34,37

LIBRA: 23 September to 22 October
No matter how hard you try you are just not able to achieve a balance. Work demands many hours off your day, but so does your family. Unfortunately, this is one problem that only you can sort out.
Lucky Numbers: 12,23,26,36,46,47

SCORPIO: 23 October to 21 November
You will be offered the opportunity to try out a different job for a few weeks - this will involve coaching and mentoring. This temporary move is exactly what you need. This will determine if you will eventually decide to make a career change.
Lucky Numbers: 3,9,17,33,39,45

SAGITTARIUS: 22 November to 21 December
An opportunity may arise for you with regards to the purchasing of property. This is a brilliant time for you, so it is essential that you take full advantage of this auspicious time.
Lucky Numbers: 26,27,33,35,36,47

CAPRICORN: 22 December to 19 January
This is a very trying period and there is a chance that you may face tough challenges. This is not good for you and could have a major impact on your health. You need to find a way to relax.
Lucky Numbers:  14,21,37,42,46,48

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