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Horse Racing

Horse Racing: How To Videos

Horse Racing: How To Videos

We’ve put together a number of great videos to help you better understand how different horse racing bets work! Whether you want to take a simple win/place bet or you’re looking to maximise your winnings with a trifecta or pick 6, we’ve got you covered here!

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So then… how do you take a horse racing bet? We’ve broken it down below with the help of some informative videos! Check it out:

Win/Place Bet

Taking win or place bets is as easy as it gets! A win bet is exactly that – you select the horse that you feel will win the race. Place bets differ slightly in that your selection will need to finish in either first three or four places (this is dependant on how many runners there are in the race) in order for your bet to win.

Check out the video below for a more in-depth explanation and how to take win/place bets with Hollywoodbets:

Play the Hollywoodbets Punters’ Challenge, and get ready for Vodacom Durban July day! Learn how to play on the next KZN meeting by watching the video below.


A multiple enables you to play selections from several races in one bet! Horse racing multiples work similarly to soccer multiples, where your potential payout increases as you add more legs/selections to your bet.

Check out the video below to learn exactly how to take a horse racing multiple with Hollywoodbets:

Open Bets

Open bets allow you to take play several selections in one race, with your payout being determined by the tote dividend! Hollywoodbets offers the following open bets:

Swinger: A swinger allows you to pick two horses to finish in the top three. Learn more about swingers by clicking here.

Exacta: An exacta allows you to pick which horses you think will finish first and second. Learn more about exactas by clicking here.

Trifecta: A trifecta lets you select which horses will finish first, second and third. Learn more about trifectas by clicking here.

Quartet: You guessed it! A quartet affords you the chance to select which horses will finish in the top four. Learn more about quartets by clicking here.

The below video illustrates how each of these bets works:

Exotic Bets

Exotics are some of the most exciting bets you can play on horse racing. These allow to bet on the results over a series of races at a particular race meeting. Hollywoodbets offers the following exotic bets:

Jackpot: Requires you to pick the winners of the four races that comprise of the jackpot. Remember, you can select more than one horse in each race.

Bipot: Here you need to a horse (or several horses) to finish either first or second over the six legs of the bipot.

Pick 6: When taking a pick 6, you need to correctly choose the winners of the six races that make up the pick 6. More than one horse can be selected in each of your legs.

Double: This is where you select the winning horses in any two consecutive races.

Pick 3: Similar to the double, here you need to predict which horses will win in any three consecutive races at one race meeting.

Place accumulator: Made up of seven races at a meeting, you need to select a horse (or horses) for each leg that you think will run a place.

Remember that you can choose more than one horse in each leg for all of the abovementioned exotic bets. While this does increase your chance of winning and lessens your risk, it also increases the cost of your bet. Learn more about these bets below.

Two women looking excitedly at cellphone

Hollywoodbets Punters’ Challenge

There will be R100,000 in cash prizes up for grabs in the free-to-play Hollywoodbets Back On Track PUNTERS Challenge on #VDJ2020 Day! Visit and learn how to play by watching the video below. All you need is a Hollywoodbets or TabGold account to enter. Practice on the upcoming KZN race meetings so you are ready for the big day on Vodacom Durban July competition which launches on Tuesday 21st July. T&Cs apply. Watch here:

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